Erica & Harrison – White Hart Wedding

Erica & Harrison – White Hart Wedding

Normally when I say ‘this was one of my last weddings of the year’, this would be around the end of December. But in 2020, a year like no other, this was one of my last weddings of the year, in March!

Literally a few days after this wedding, we were all on lockdown for months to come, but Erica & Harrison’s wedding at gorgeous White Hart at Moorwood Moor meant we all went out on a high before the quiet that followed.

One thing I love most when photographing weddings is seeing just how much a couple loves each other with the way that they look at each other – and these guys are right up there! Whenever I see a photo of Erica & Harrison pop up in my feed it brings a big smile to my face! They’re just one of those couples who don’t take themselves too seriously and whose only concern were their guests having a fab time and oh boy they did!

Anyway, this is now me finally getting round to posting some blogs from this years weddings (I’ve actually been pretty busy, makes me wonder how I fit weddings into a normal year?!?). Sit back and enjoy these guys having an amazing day!

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