Jo & Tony – White Hart Moorwood Moor Wedding

Jo & Tony – White Hart Moorwood Moor Wedding.

This was one of the biggest weddings of 2015 with over a hundred guests in the day and 300 in the evening! Needless to say, everywhere i pointed my camera, there were smiling faces and great moments to capture. Jo & Tony are such a great couple as well – always making each other laugh and smile all day. As a photographer, this was about as easy as it gets!

I only realised just how exhausted I was when I got home in the evening, but it was well worth it as we got loads of amazing pictures!

Tony is a mad surfer from the south of Wales, and Jo owns her own hair salon, so this combination of laid back surfer with a great touch of style meant that the theme of the wedding and the decoration of the venue was amazing!¬†Especially great was the split screen VW camper that we had to work with. And I’ve never seen so many shells in my life, all collected in South Wales and individually named as an alternative to place cards.

So all I can say at the end of this is WOW! And what a great wedding to be a part of!

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